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Making the decision to purchase property can appear daunting and often comes with many questions. At Safari, our sales specialists are knowledgeable and friendly people, who enjoy nothing more than taking the time necessary to help you understand the process, always without pressure.

Whatever stage you are at with purchasing an apartment, talk to our friendly team today.

Residential FAQs

What type of unit am I buying?

Stratum in Freehold or Unit Title Property.

How much will the deposit be, and where does it go?

10% of the purchase price is the deposit required for New Zealand residents. For non-residents, a 20% deposit is required (note – OIA rules apply). All deposits are safely held in a lawyers trust account, where they remain until settlement.

Is the price inclusive of GST?

Yes, GST is included in the purchase price for Residential Apartments.

Who manages the building?

Prior to Settlement, Safari puts in place an independent, unbiased, professional Body Corporate Manager for your peace of mind.

The Body Corporate Manager is contracted to oversee many of the services of the body corporate, on behalf of the unit owners.  

When is the anticipated date for settlement?

Q2 2023, however we will keep you updated of key milestones, so that you can stay informed of progress in realtime.

Are pets allowed?

Yes. Certain pets are permitted, in accordance with the Body Corporate rules.

Do the apartments come with Air Conditioning?

Yes – All units come fitted with a heat pump, to ensure you are cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

Which appliances are included?

Oven, cooktop, dishwasher. In addition to this, each unit includes a heat pump and is fitted with Curtains.

Additional appliances (Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer & Microwave)  can be purchased for an extra cost.  

*note studios have a convection microwave in lieu of an oven.

Who are the developers?

The developer & construction Company, Safari Group, has been in the market for more than 20 years. To find out more visit safarigroup.co.nz

Hotel FAQs

What type of title am i purchasing?

You are purchasing a freehold unit title off the plans

Is the unit tenanted?

Yes, the unit is leased to an approved francisee for LQ Ellerslie at Central Park under a commercial lease arrangement of 30 years based on 15 + 5 + 5 + 5

What is the rent?

The individual gross rents per unit range from $15,000 – $22,000

Does the rent increase?

An increase of 2% per annum(compounding), commencing on the anniversary of year 3 after the commencement date of the lease.

What deposit is required and where does the deposit go?

A 10% deposit for NZ residents and 20% for non-residents is required which can be in the form of cash or a bond. Deposit – this will be held in the vendors solicitor’s trust account until settlement of the development. All interest (less withholding tax and any bank and stakeholder handling charges) will be credited to you upon settlement.

Do i pay GST on the purchase price?

No because there is a commercial lease in place the purchase is zero rated for GST. You do need to be GST registered prior to settlement.

What are the outgoing costs?

A. Body Corporate Fees.

B. Auckland Council Rates

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